Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today I've realised that I've been really busy these last 2 months. All the free time I used to allocate here is gone with my wedding preparation. Hopefully only the blog has been neglected because of wedding prep and not the way I live or dress.

Some weeks back I came across someone who got married 4 years back and that person has changed so much. Not a change for better but a change for worst.

That person used to dress up pretty well. She was not that fashion addict but she was pretty good the way she was. Her excuse for neglecting herself is her 3 kids and her husband. Is that a valid excuse??? NO! It is so lame of her to blame her family.

She is the only one responsible for the disaster she is right now. Wake up earlier, instead of sleeping on your free day, do your own facial. No need to go out of the house, she can do it herself.

Once each 4 month go get a nice haircut. It that so difficult??? Ok 4 month is too much lets say 6 month. Wear clean well iron clothes. When you look at yourself in the mirror you should find a beautiful wife. A wife your husband would readily leave work early to spend free time with her.

The husband will want to pamper you with new shoes and people will want to help you to look after the kids because you look lovely and smell nice.

And please stop wearing flat sandels all the time. There is a limit and a place for everything. Heels are also allowed for mum and wife.

Thats enough of frustration for tonight. I shall continue if such ladies decide to remain as they are.

Till then


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