Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today I've realised that I've been really busy these last 2 months. All the free time I used to allocate here is gone with my wedding preparation. Hopefully only the blog has been neglected because of wedding prep and not the way I live or dress.

Some weeks back I came across someone who got married 4 years back and that person has changed so much. Not a change for better but a change for worst.

That person used to dress up pretty well. She was not that fashion addict but she was pretty good the way she was. Her excuse for neglecting herself is her 3 kids and her husband. Is that a valid excuse??? NO! It is so lame of her to blame her family.

She is the only one responsible for the disaster she is right now. Wake up earlier, instead of sleeping on your free day, do your own facial. No need to go out of the house, she can do it herself.

Once each 4 month go get a nice haircut. It that so difficult??? Ok 4 month is too much lets say 6 month. Wear clean well iron clothes. When you look at yourself in the mirror you should find a beautiful wife. A wife your husband would readily leave work early to spend free time with her.

The husband will want to pamper you with new shoes and people will want to help you to look after the kids because you look lovely and smell nice.

And please stop wearing flat sandels all the time. There is a limit and a place for everything. Heels are also allowed for mum and wife.

Thats enough of frustration for tonight. I shall continue if such ladies decide to remain as they are.

Till then


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is this the life I wanted?

Most of us must have one day or the other wish to go back in the parth and take other decisions. For example the decision of doing another course insead of the one who did. Or chose another university instead of the one you did. Or accepted a job that you had rejected. All these things are known as regrets. Why do we all live our life with regrets. We live with the word if only i had...may b things would have been different today.
I want to go back in the past and see how my life would have been if I had make some other decision.
Try another job, be someone else, live somewhere else.
What if I had accepted to go to university abroad would I have been here today? Would people look at me the way they are?
If I had decline the job offer am actually working where would I have been right now? Sleeping a saturday morning or being on a trip somewhere?
One thing is for sure things would not have been like they are right now.

Life Life Life full of regrets.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are girls objects?

Are girls object?
This question seems awkward right? But when you will start reading this blog you will understand why this question was raised. Have you ever heard about arranged marriage? Or have you ever had the bad luck to get a proposition for wedding and it is not even the guy who proposed it is the aunty who has seen you in a wedding, in a funeral or in a party and said to herself this girl should be the daughter in law of my brother.
Then one day without knowing it the boy will come to your office and have a look at you. As if you are an object which has been exposed in a shop and he came to have a look if it is a good product.

Then if HE likes then the aunty will meet your mum and tell her about the wedding proposal. Saying that the guy has already seen the girl and he likes her.

This is so stupid!

If the guy had not like the girl then she would never know that someone came to choose her. What does they think of themselves?? I feel like slapping these people. Why does these aunty have to look for a girl for their nephew? Is he handicapped? Can't he find a girl by himself? And is this a way to choose a girl?
Have they ever thought about what the girl feel like when she get to know about all these things.

Being a girl I would feel like a shoes in a shop and a guy has to buy a new pair so he comes over and see of he find the pair of shoes which fits him. What if I am a Louboutin and he is someone who does not even know what is a louboutin because the only thing he wears is some kind of made in china shoes.

Dear guys who does such things do you think you are awesome? Am not at all sorry to say that you are not the only thing i can say is that you are too stupid to allow an aunty or your mum look for girls for you. Move your big fat lazy as... and ask a girl out by yourself.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Have you ever fail a test? If you have then may be you could understand what am going trough right now. I just came back from my driving test and I've fail for the 2nd time. Yes FAIL again. As soon as i've got the results the only thing in my mind was to cry. I wanted to cry so much but I kept hold of myself and took the first bus I've got and came back home with a headache. And adding salt to injuries, you keep on receiving calls from family members asking what happend you've passed?? What the hell if i had passed I would have phone you people. Some of then don't even have a driving licence and they act as if you did something horrible when you failed. Telling you things like how did you fail? which errors you made? Hello you don't even drive you won't understand. I feel so depressed. I don't even want to talk to anybody. I don't even want to drive. I've been spending so much money in driving and all I get is a big Fail. Am I a failure?? Will I ever be able to drive 1 day? I dout!

No driving licence = Horrible job!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A thing sitting next to me

How can one remain calm with a horrible thing sitting next to us??
She is not only ugly physically she is also ugly inside. Double sided ugliness. How dare she say that my color combination is bad. Has she seen what is she wearing. Even if you have to kill me I would never wear such a horrible blouse! Yuck Yuck Yuck!!! I can't stop myself from looking at that maroon and red blouse which date probably has been made in the 1970's. Needless to say how the slippers she is wearing is horrible. Its been nearly 4 month since I know this thing and I have never seen her wearing something else than this black slipper. And today madam has the audacity to say that green and yellow are not a good combination.
How dare her??

If I could kill her I would do it right now! I swear!

I love clothes from the 1970's but not those that she is wearing. I feel like slapping her for wearing this. Where is the fashion police?? If the really existed then my dear thing would have been arrested and sentensed to death.

Am feeling so angry that I'll stop here for today.

Oh God help me.


When you are down

Am sure this must have happend to you a lot of time in your life being down. Everything you do goes wrong. Your favorite shoes does not look good in your feet anymore. You have bought new shirts but they don't look good on you anymore. Your friends are partying without you. Nobody is inviting you for a cup of coffee. You hate your hair and the mirror does not say you are beautiful anymore.
Don't talk about make up because you can't make a staight line with your eyeliner anymore. You feel like eating chicken but when you look at the chicken you tell to yourself is this chicken or some kind of raw dog? Yes dog!!

One week before you were so happy about diet and you had even lose 2 KG and today the only idea of getting up to prepare your slim tea makes you lazy and you say who cares love me with my fat belly. This is the most horrible feeling you can have. Your tast which used to be so sweet and adorable is now sour and you hate it sooo much. You hate it as much as you hate that girl who has the same dress as yours.

All these thing makes your mood so down.

Right now for Cannes festival you are not even interested at the dress they are wearing. All of them seem so dull.

All we can do I hope that tomorow morning your mood will change and it will be a bright new day ahead and your fashion sense will be as sweet as it was before.

Till then sleep in the dark

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Say no to flip flops

Flip flops yes they are comfy! We all feel wow in our feet when wearing them! But dear readers is that classy? I've recently came across some girls coming to work with classic pants, classic shirt and guess what are they wearing in their feet? Yes flip flops! They were nice but flip flops with classic clothes is not classy at all. I love wearing flip flops but only to go to the beach or a lazy dinner with some very close friends or close family. Come on ladies we are beautiful then why are you doing awful things to your feet! Make them feel as beautiful as you feel for yourself. Remember your feet form part of you. Treat them well, give them nice shoes to wear and do regular pedicure. There is no need to pay for that. You can do it by yourself. You will find nice tips on the internet.
Coming back to flip flops. I am not saying that one should not wear flip flops to work but one should know that on some specific clothes flip flops are not allowed. Stop torturing me with your slippers on a classic skirt. You want to wear your tongs go ahead but wear a pair of jeans or short but avoid classic clothes.
Lets hope some will realise that your feet need love.